National Youth Awards

No Name! Club National Youth Awards is an awards ceremony that is held at the end of each club year in recognition of the Hosts and Hostesses that have made an outstanding contribution to No Name! Club and their local community.

Hosts and Hostesses compete initially at regional level, with the winning Host and Hostess of each region then going through to the National Youth Awards Final.   

The 2019 No Name Club National Youth Awards took place in the Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny. Below are the 2019 Host and Hostess of the Year, Rían Byas and Siobhán Hoare.

This year’s the No Name! Club National Youth Awards will took place virtually on the 29th of May. Below are the Host and Hostess of the Year 2021, Fionnán Gallagher and Amy Mullen

Here is a list of all former winners of the National Youth Awards from 1984 to 2017