At No Name Club, we are closely monitoring the situation with respect to COVID-19 and have undertaken the latest precautions as advised by the Department of Health and Taoiseach in relation to health and safety of our staff, colleagues, clubs, volunteers, young people and of course our families and friends. 

Following recent requests to apply remote working practice to all business activities where possible in Ireland, we relocated all staff to the safety of their homes. We will continue to work remotely until the curfew lifts. While we have to sacrifice today’s normal work commitments to setting up alternatives, communications and tech solutions from our homes we are now fully ready for requirements over the coming weeks. We hope it will be merely an inconvenience and equally that we all bounce back quickly from the inevitable practical and economic wobbles attendant on all this disruption.

Head office staff are now fully established remotely and can be contacted via email or on our mobile phones. 

Applying the recommended level of caution, we have suspended meeting anyone face-to-face for the time being.

Following the government guidelines all clubs are currently suspended in the sense of their traditional form i.e. physical meeting in their clubhouse. We are suggesting that in these unpredictable times clubs continue to engage with the young people and organise meetings and activities via Web, Google Hangouts/chat, Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom or Skype. We are here to support everyone in carrying on club activities throughout these times and if you are looking for more information on how to do this please contact your club support officer. 

Our No Name! Club Youth Counsel are working hard in the background making there presence known across our social media sharing innovative ideas and messages to help people through these times. Head on over to any of our social media platforms to look at the work they are doing and continue to do. 

If you have queries about existing commitments or expected projects or applications, please feel free to contact any of our office staff.

Once again, we are closely following the national response in terms of supports, information & developments etc., so please contact us if you have any queries. We will be researching solutions and answers, if not fully equipped with them and as things change, emerge and evolve. 

Let’s stick together and do the right things to ensure we all stay safe! 

If you are looking for up to date information in relation to Coronavirus Covid-19 please visit the HSE website or consult for up to date and accurate information. 

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